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Steele Shane Dance


Steele Shane is a professional instructor and dancer and is known throughout New England for his clear and easy to follow teaching style and his ability to instruct anyone to dance.

For over 30 years, he has worked with hundreds of students and competed and performed in many venues locally and nationally. He was the Director of Dance Programs at the Longfellow Club in Wayland MA, for over 25 years and is available to teach private and group lesson in Worcester MA area.

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Current and former customers:


·Longfellow Club, Wayland MA
·American Ballroom and Latin Studio, Shrewsbury, MA
·Poise, Style and Motion, Worcester, MA
·Boost Fitness, Hudson, MA 
·Carpenters, Southborough, MA
·Mary Hoedeman Dance Camp, Nashville, TN
·Mary Hoedeman Dance Camp, MN
·Roller Kingdom, Hudson, MA
·Mass Muscle and Fitness, Marlborough, MA
·Boston Dance Revolution, Quincy, MA
·New Years Dancing Eve, Sturbridge, MA
·Job Corps, Grafton, MA
·Hanscom Airforce Base, Concord, MA
·The Vanderbilt Club, Dedham, MA

·Assabet After Dark, Marlborough, MA

Keefe At Night Framingham, MA


Call now for more information - 774-249-5562

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